The Most Handsome Men In Advertising

Work somewhere else.


CJ Ogle

C.J. is a father, ping pong enthusiast, and an ad man. With over 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing on the client side of advertising. CJ loves long walks on the beach, bacon wrapped anything and advertising.


Brent Matthews

Brent has been on the advertising scene for over five years. Brent has a wonderful family and enjoys spending time with them as well as searching for the perfect cigar. His no nonsense approach to branding and production keeps Citizen grounded.


Doug Coffin

With over a decade in broadcast TV, radio, print, and digital, Doug, our Director of Digital, lives and breathes the campaigns of our clients and offers ideas and approaches without the fluff. While serious about digital, he also loves to laugh, spend time with his wife Kristen and boxer Layla, read, watch football, workout, and drink homemade cold brew coffee with light heavy cream (the DougieFresh).


Vern Lindsey

Vern is old school in the very best kind of way. He's had 30 years of experience as a successful business owner and advertising partner. He knows what it takes to build a business and how to make it profitable, not to mention how to properly advertise to the right audience. Plus, he's got the best stories.


Nate Croft

In his natural online habitat, the wild Nate has spent the last 17 years crafting websites, creating strong brands, and building businesses. He may also be observed photographing, voicing over, and playing sweet, sweet guitar licks to melt faces, or at least bother the neighbors.

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