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Here at Citizen we sell stuff. Quite simply It's what we do. We help you sell more of your goods or services. That is our sole focus. We do that by getting to know you and what you do. We want to help you find more people predisposed to do business with you the way you prefer to do business.

Whether it be cutting edge digital advertising or social media or traditional mediums such as broadcast television or print we employ a the right strategy to help you win. We are media agnostic and results focused. That means that we don't favor one over another. We will dive deep into your industry to find the proper media or medium executions to make sure that you win. It's a passion that runs deep for us and we take pride in our world class small to medium size business strategy.

We believe strongly in a common sense approach to creative. We will get to know you and your brand and help craft an image that will reflect your authenticity the heart of your business. We are a full-service creative service so there's nothing that we out source keeping the price low and the creative on point. From video, photography, graphic design, motion design and pretty much anything else under the sun that would fall into the creative category our team of professionals can do it.

Our goal is always to aim for a 10x return on your investment. If you spend a dollar we want you to get ten in return. The reason you advertise is to garner more business and build your brand. So, we are keenly focused on results and aim to report them to you with 100% transparency. We are with you every step of the way to tackle market challenges and turn them into opportunities. The most rewarding thing we can hear from our clients is that we helped make their dream grow. We want to help get those results for you too.

Citizen: The Inside Story

Way back in 2008, the economy was in a bad place. Like Taylor Swift after a bad breakup. Major industries like the automotive and retail were left in shambles and had to figure out a way forward. Brent Matthews and CJ Ogle were right in the thick of this challenging time as they were tasked with marketing and advertising The Bed Store, a Knoxville TN based mattress retail chain. Business had been less than stellar and as their marketing and brand managers they came to a difficult and staggering realization. Everything thing needed to change.

So, after much research and prayer, they set out to craft a strategy to somehow build the business in the face of a challenging economy. With the blessing and guidance of the company's owner Roger Cunningham. Citizen Advertising was born. They knew they had to calculate a way to do more with less and take what the market gave them. This instilled a very adaptive approach to advertising and marketing. An approach that still serves Citizen well all these years later.

Building campaign's with local traditional television, radio, print, and other media outlets (before digital advertising was a viable option) and learning the craft of creating compelling commercials Brent and CJ began to see the results of their efforts. Over the next three years, the business quintupled. This success is not solely related to the advertising but the strategy and effort along with a great team internally helped the company reach heights never before seen. This gave Brent and CJ the confidence to expand and take on other clients.

In 2015, They added to the team by bringing in Doug Coffin and Nate Croft along with veteran ad man Vern Lindsey. The growth of the team was rocket fuel to Citizen. At this time Citizen added multiple clients from retail, automotive, tourism, industrial, and many more. This meant that more help was needed from a creative and strategy standpoint to continue to execute at a high level. Citizen has been continuously expanding the team since 2016 to what is now a team of 15 creative and advertising professionals that are just as passionate as the founders about selling our client's wares. One thing that hasn't changed is Citizen's relentless focus on helping small to medium-sized businesses adapt to every market challenge and opportunity to win the day.


CJ Ogle


I always give 100%, except when giving blood.

Brent Matthews


Drink from the glass like an adult.

Michael McAllister

director of Co-op | Creative

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott

doug coffin

VP of strategy and media

Don’t stop letting people not help.

kellen clarke

Director of social media

When I say "Yee", you say "Haw!"

jon reidy

Director of video

"Heart is what separates the good from the great." Michael Jordan

shawn richards

web designer

I designed the site, so I can put anything I want here. MWAHAHAHA!!!

nathan armistead

Director of design

A wise man once said, "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet, consectitur adipiscing elit."

chelsea Craig

designer | editor

"I'm your hope. You're my hope. I'm Chelsea."

maria Galkina

advertising coordinator

My winning marketing strategy is to run Double 6 Wombat, 42 Jet Left, Pie Slide Ruler, Lightning 6, Double Smoke Ukulele.

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