Citizen is a full-service advertising and marketing agency based in Knoxville, Tennessee with a concentration in digital marketing. Citizen brings 12 years extensive experience in planning and executing digital and print campaigns for multiple categories including but not limited to...

Our List of Services Include...

Media Buying

Planning, negotiating, and acquiring the most optimal ad spaces across traditional and digital platforms to maximize your brand's visibility, reach, and results.

Commercial production

Crafting compelling commercials that captivate audiences, drive brand engagement, and produce tangible sales results.

Video Production

Creating high-quality videos that tell your brand's story and resonate with viewers.

Video Editing

Refining and enhancing video content to deliver a polished, impactful message.

Media Strategy

Developing a comprehensive plan to utilize various media channels effectively for your brand's goals.

Website Design

Designing visually appealing and user-friendly websites that reflect your brand's identity.

Website Development

Building functional, responsive, and secure websites tailored to your brand's needs.

PPC/SEM Advertising

Driving targeted traffic to your website through paid search engine campaigns.

SEO Services

Optimizing your online content to improve search engine rankings and organic visibility.

Social Media Advertising

Harnessing the power of social platforms to promote your brand through targeted ads.

Social Media Management

Curating and managing your brand's online presence across social platforms for consistent engagement.

Facebook Advertising

Leveraging Facebook's vast user base to deliver tailored ads and drive conversions.

Content Creation

Producing engaging, relevant content that resonates with your target audience and strengthens brand loyalty.

Television Advertising

Broadcasting your brand's message to wide audiences through impactful TV commercials.

Radio Advertising

Capturing listeners' attention with memorable radio spots that promote your brand.


Capturing high-quality images that showcase your brand's essence and appeal.

Print Advertising

Creating eye-catching print ads that effectively communicate your brand's message in magazines, newspapers, and more.


Crafting compelling written content that speaks to your audience and drives action.


Defining and expressing your brand's unique identity, values, and voice across all touchpoints.

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